St. Paul's United Church of Christ

Abundant Life

Our Mission: Abundant Life For Everyone!

What is “Abundant Life?”

Abundant Life is a God-Centered, God-Filled life overflowing with God’s unconditional love, perfect goodness, and continuous all-providing nature. It is the freedom and forgiveness of knowing our sins are forgiven through Christ, so that we can be who we were made to be and do what we were made to do.

Abundant Life is NOT the prosperity Gospel that says God wants you and everyone else to be rich beyond measure and living a life of luxury. God is perfectly present everywhere. There is no place on earth where there is more or less of God’s love, creativity, healing, and transforming power. So, Abundant Life is equally available to the richest person on earth, the homeless, and all kinds of people like you and me who are doing the best we can.

Abundant Life affirms generously sharing all we have and all we are, that everyone may live lives of basic sustenance and dignity before anyone has too much. Abundant Life affirms that there is enough of everything for everyone if only we would generously share our love, joy, talents, and resources. Abundant Life also means sharing our burdens and offering support to one another along the journey through life, affirming that any situation or circumstance can be changed for the better with God’s help.

And, Abundant Life affirms that life with God is eternal, that it goes on forever in spirit beyond physical death, that death is a time of transition and not at all the end of our existence.  Abundant Life shatters the fear of death with the assurance and promise that whether we live or whether we die, we are always with God, and even more so once leaving this earthly experience.

Open up to Abundant Life today. You may not feel it fully all at once, but let it into your being and see what God begins in your life. You may well be amazed at how good life can get.

God, who is perfect unconditional love, come into my life and fill me with your abundance. An abundance of love, of joy, of peace, of faith and hope, of healing, of all I will every need and all I could every dream of or hope for. That is what I long for more than anything else. I let go of all resistance to your desire to live in me and through me, bringing your love into the world for all to see. I release any beliefs I had that religion is dull and outdated, that it is nothing more than a den of sinners hiding out from the world. Help me to see that in all its imperfection that the church is a place I can find connection, love, acceptance, guidance, resources, friendship, growth, transformation, and leads on finding all I’m looking for in life. God, I open up to your abundance. I open up to receiving heaven’s best and using all I receive to bless the world. I release all fear and embrace your loving support. May the same mind that was in Jesus Christ be in me. When all is said and done, may I know that I fully trusted you in this world and I look with joy to whatever is next in your eternal plan for my soul. God, I love you. I receive your love and forgiveness, and I send it forth into the world to be your good for every person and nation. In the name of Jesus the Christ, your Son, who is our Savior and Lord. Amen.