St. Paul's United Church of Christ


Hi! Pastor Brian Brosz here, welcoming you to St. Paul’s United Church of Christ. We believe that God is living, active, still speaking and guiding us every step of the way at Plato’s Community Church.

You might be interested in our church if you seek to be part of a faithful Christian congregation that allows you to be yourself, to use your mind, to hold your own beliefs and opinions on matters of faith, and to God’s suppers, growth and friendship on your spiritual journey through life.

We are, at present, somewhat traditional, but are always seeking fresh ways to encounter the living God.

One of the things we are very proud about is our open communion table. All are welcome here, no exceptions. We believe Christ is the host, Christ sets the table, and all who in any way seek to encounter the living Christ are encouraged to join us.

We are pretty laid back, we like to laugh, we like to eat together, we like to serve together, and we will welcome you as you are to join us on the journey.

Everyone needs a place to connect, belong and call their spiritual home. We have many people from many different backgrounds who have found a church home here. But don’t take my word on it. Join us soon and check it out. See you soon!

God’s richest blessings! Pastor Brian Brosz